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Clean Living Health & Wellness was born to offer an alternative to modern Western medicine where we often don’t find the answers we need to live our best lives.  Some struggle with short-term health concerns, while others have struggled for decades with just one issue that has gone unresolved under the care of many, many mainstream medical professionals.  Clean Living Health & Wellness’ approach is to look for the root cause of health challenges that often makes living our day-to-day lives less than optimal.  In other words, Clean Living Health & Wellness circumvents “band-aid” type strategies that will only get you by in the short-term and not actually get to the bottom of the issue. 

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About Me

Christie Ronge is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. With her education as a chemist, Christie has nearly 35 years of experience in various settings including forensic chemistry, laboratory technology, immunology, pharmacology research, and pharmacy.

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Christie has purchased an Angel of Water colon irrigation system to be able to administer colon hydrotherapy treatments right in her office.  Please enjoy the below video as a brief overview of how the colonic procedure works.

Services Offered

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Clean Living Health & Wellness currently offers functional nutrition and lifestyle education under the model of functional medicine as well as colon hydrotherapy. 


Functional Nutrition

What is functional nutrition?  According to Andrea Nakayama, “Functional nutrition uses the principles of root cause resolution, taking a full body systems approach to health.  This modality educates clients about what’s going on in their body and what factors may have contributed to their current condition, so that support is targeted to help one best meet their goals.  A Functional Nutrition Counselor is able to serve clients that just aren’t getting better.”

Colon Hydrotherapy

What is colon hydrotherapy?  Lifestream Purification Systems, the manufacturer of the Angel of Water colon irrigation system, defines Colon hydrotherapy as “an invaluable tool to help improve health and wellness.  It provides a very thorough colon cleanse in a very discreet manner.”  Unlike a regular home enema that only provides cleansing for about 7 inches of the colon, colon hydrotherapy cleanses and hydrates the entire 5-5 ½ feet of our colon.  Our “gut” is considered the second brain of our body.  With poor gut health, one will not feel well in many ways.  Colon hydrotherapy can help to loosen old debris like fermented carbohydrates, putrefied proteins, and rancid fats from the colon wall.  When this is done, most people will notice improved health.


The combination of functional nutrition and lifestyle education and colon hydrotherapy complement each other very nicely.  Once the waters are “un-muddied”, so to speak, unfolding the root causes of illness, no matter the signs, symptoms, or diagnoses, and an individualized focus on a good nutrition and lifestyle change plan can restore a person to greater health and wellness.

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Vision and Mission

It has become more and more evident that people want a new option to the customary medicinal practices and protocols they have experienced within healthcare organizations that have kept them feeling unwell, causing frustration and loss of hope to ever feel well.  The mission of Clean Living Health & Wellness is to know you as an individual, not a protocol, uncover the root cause(s) of your ailment or illness, and to empathetically work with you to make the changes needed to live your best life.


1025 W. Glen Oaks Lane

Suite 204

Mequon, WI 53092


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